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Heritage Cities work on a smart destination platform to manage the entire visitor experience

17 de junio del 2022

Mexico, Thursday June 16th, 2022. The president of the GCPHE and mayor of Salamanca, Carlos García Carbayo, has assured that the Heritage Cities are committed to big data to enhance their tourist attraction, with the creation of a large smart destination platform that will be a milestone in the management of the visitors’ experience.

 During the visit of the Spanish Heritage Cities across Mexico, the delegation visited Querétaro, in the center of the country, where García Carbayo presented the Spanish destination to tour operators and announced the creation of this platform, which he assured, "will mark a turning point for Spanish tourism”.

 “Right now we are developing a great smart tourist destination platform that will allow us to manage the entire experience of tourists who come to visit the Spanish World Heritage Cities, from the moment one begins to think about where to go on vacation, until they are already there enjoying it”, he explained.

 Through this platform, he added, tourists will be able to manage their hotel reservations, cultural visits or experiences in the hotel industry, and municipalities will be able to better understand what tourists are looking for in their destinations and adjust their offer to demand.

 García Carbayo stressed that during the more than two years that the Covid-19 pandemic has been present in the world, Spain was not exempt from the impact of lockdown and the restrictions imposed by national governments, however, he stressed that the tourism model of the Heritage Cities is so successful that it has managed to recover from the pandemic blows and today they are at the levels they had in 2019 in terms of national tourism, while they are at 65% recovery at international stage.

 "It will be a milestone in tourism management between our cities and we hope to share it with Mexico, covering a wide spectrum, from traditional beachfront destinations to the great Spanish inland cities," he asserted.

 For her part, the Secretary of Tourism of the Municipality of Querétaro, Alejandra Iturbe Rosas, recognized that there are many things to learn from Spain, since it is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world, hence the importance of sharing experiences and good practices with the Spanish cities.

 “We are 14 heritage cities in Mexico and we are proud that you have chosen Querétaro, obviously, because of the privileged location that we have in the center of the country,the tourist offer and because they saw the business opportunity that can be generate here, which can be very attractive for the Spanish market”, she concluded.



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