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The Tourism Commission of the World Heritage Cities Group has approved the launch of an advertising campaign aimed at the national market

04 de junio del 2020

The Tourism Commission of the Spanish World Heritage Cities Group has approved during this morning meeting the launch of an advertising campaign aimed at the national market to be developed from June to December 2020. As explained by the Group President and Mayor of Ibiza, Rafael Ruiz, “we are going to allocate an investment of 243,000 euros to promote our cities throughout Spain; we are a Group of 15 cities whose historic centers are declared World Heritage by Unesco, but sometimes the Spanish people are unaware of our treasures. In this phase of new normal, in which we will travel in a different way, we want our visitors to know all the monumental and natural resources that our cities offer, which are also close and safe tourist destinations ”.

The President of the Group added that the cancellation of the promotion in international tourism fairs has allowed this investment to be made: “We know that this year there is a desire to travel and in a different way. Given that we are all going to travel more within our borders, we have chosen three important Spanish cities with a large volume of population such as Valencia, Madrid and Bilbao for an advertising campaign that is also going to be carried out in the means of transportation and more specifically in metro stations, bus stops and urban furniture so that their citizens can know more about us ”.

At the meeting, the president of the Group recalled that the request to improve railway, air and maritime connectivity for destinations with the Unesco label has already been forwarded to the Government of Spain. With the same intent, he pointed out that "we know that Turespaña will launch a  national campaign in which the heritage wealth of our cities will also be present and we want to thank the fluid communication channel that we have maintained with the Minister of Tourism and the Secretary of State in these uncertain times ”.

The Group's alliance policy also includes entities such as Paradores, AVE Cities Network or Madrid Destino. As Rafael Ruiz explained, “we are working to renew agreements and we keep constant communication with all of them; hopefully we will have soon good news and we will implement various collaboration initiatives. Among them, we will renew the agreement in person with Madrid City Council in July,the capital city is a strategic reference point, connection axis for all of us and an important outbound market for travelers ”.

After sending a message of condolence to all the families, relatives, and close friends of the victims of COVID-19, the President of the Group stressed that "we have all been very concerned about the day to day in our cities and we have shared very difficult moments, for this reason we stand in solidarity with all the people who have closely suffered the disease . ”

On the other hand, the president has encouraged to participate in the celebration of 'The Heritage Night': “Although many events that the Group had planned have had to be suspended, we are excited to celebrate one of our leading initiatives on September 12th: Escena Patrimonio Dance Festival and all the activities that will take place in the historic centers of our cities within the framework of a landmark and consolidated event in the cultural panorama of our country, The Heritage Night ”.



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