THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF EUROPEAN WORLD HERITAGE: An economic, social and environmental approach to Tourism


Morning: Arrival of the participants
16.00 h: Credential Collection at Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). C/ del Calvari 1. Ibiza
16.30 h: Official Opening
17.00 h: Elena Valdés del Fresno, Head of the area of Cultural Tourism and Content Marketing.
17.30 h: Presentation of the European World Heritage Association Project (Scientific committee and other associations representatives)
Leisure activities and dinner.


9.00 h: Panel one: Economic Approach 
Key Speaker Giovanni Liberatore –Professor of financial accounting University of Florence
Best practises presentations:
  • World Heritage a New Opportunity for Global Tourism – Chris Blandford. President of World Heritage UK.
  • Heritdata. Gumersindo Bueno – General Director of Heritage, Castilla y León Regional Government, and Juan Carlos Prieto. General Director of the Santa María la Real Foundation of Historical Heritage. Spain
  • World Heritage in Portugal : Challenges and Oportunities. Bruno J. Navarro (Director of Fundação Côa Parque) and Helena Martelo (Culture Regional Management of Açores. Portugal
11.00 h: Coffee break
11.30 h: Panel two: Social Approach
Key Speaker Prof. Dr. Jutta Ströter-Bender Jutta Ströter-Bender – Professor emeritus of art and its didactics at the Department of Art, University of Paderborn. Germany
Best practises presentations:
  • “Tourism and Right To The City: The Case Of Santiago De Compostela”. Xosé Allegue Chief Arquitect from Santiago de Compostela Consortium. Spain
  • Su Nuraxi Archaeological Area of Barumini .From conservation to enhancement of Nugaghi when culture creates value. Cintia Corona, Responsible of Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Barumini. Italy
  • Workcamp – World Heritage volunteers – Claudia Schwarz. President of the German UNESCO World Heritage Sites Association. Germany
Buffet lunch
14.30 h: Panel three : Environmental Approcah
Key Speaker – Sra. Anne Vourc´h – Former Director of the « Grands Sites de France » network. France
Best practices presentations:
  • Torre de Hercules, a commitment place between citizens and environment. Ana María Santorum. Torre de Hercules Managing Director. Spain
  • Chaine des Puys – An Integrated strategy for managing tourism – Gregoire Michau Director Chaîne des Puys-Limagne Fault World Heritage Site. France
  • Pont Du Gard – Rachel Peltier,  Pont Du Gard World Heritage and Labels Responsible. France
16:30 h: Coffee break
17:00 h: Debate: Creation of the European World Heritage Association
17:30 h: Conclusions and Final Statement of the V Meeting.

We look forward to your participation!

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